Meet the locals & learn the history

The world of the Chathams is your paua (although there are oysters here). Hotel Chathams Tours will show you our incredible place with our own guides.

On our tours you will meet locals around the island, see where and how they live. Listen to their stories of yesterday and today. See what locals are doing to make a living, watch the fishermen bringing their catches in or launching their boats from the beach. 

For a place with so little population, so far away from anywhere else, you will be amazed at the history of the Chathams. From the arrival of Moriori in about 1500, Europeans in 1791, Maori in 1835 and German Morovian missionaries in 1843 right through to the crayfishing boom of the 1960’s, there are countless stories and places of interest. That includes the 1959 Sunderland NZ4111 crash in Te Whanga Lagoon. The aircraft was recovered and can be seen near Kaingaroa.